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The real name of kaka sahib is "
Kastheer", derived from pushto language which means "a yellow flower", also called "Zafron" in persian and arabic.
As kakasahib's family got settled in areas of Khattak tribe about 200 years before the birth of kakasahib,hence this settlement lead them to socio-cultural change and they caught the colours of khattaks' Traditions,norms and values. His elders chose this name according to pushtuns traditions.Later on people, with love, added the word "GUL"(flower) with his name hence it became "


He was famous with name of "REHAMKAR".He got this label because he was very kind and loving to everyone.He was always busy in helping people, in charity works, and in the freedom of slaves, all these kind acts made people to call him "rehamkar" (the one with kind acts).
The famous poet of Pashtun nation,:Khushal Khan Khattak has always mentioned kakasahib in his poems as "rehamkar",e.g:

"da khushal takya pa khuday da
bia pa tha sheikh rehamkara".

Another famous poet Ashraf Khan Hijri mentions this name for kakasahib in his poem which he wrote in a Mughal prison in King Aurangzeb's empire as:

" za pa band da Aurangzeb na yam chey ba khlaas sham
za band karhey sheikh rehamkar ziarhee-kaka yam".

this name "rehamkar" was equally famous among pushtuns and mughals as it has been mentioned in books written in Mughal era.


This was another name famous for him due to his pale complexion. He was always busy in worship and due to hardships he took in Prayers and spiritual purifications he got weak health and his complexion turned pale(ziarhee=yellow).


Pushtun people call their elders like father,uncle and all elders with respect as "kaka".As for all Pushtuns he was like a "spiritual father" so they used to call him "kaka" and with respect added "sahib"(honoured),hence he became famous as "kakasahib".This name got so much popularity that his generations are called as "kakakhel"(kaka's tribe) and the place where he is burried is now called "Ziarath Kakasahib".
Ziarath Kakasahib is situated at the north of Nowshera , about 10km away, between the mountains and is at 400ft height from sea level.


Kakasahib is Hussaini-sayed.(from Hussain r.A.t.a),as is shown in family tree he is connected to Hazrath Hussain (r.A.t.a) at 23rd step.He is connected to Imam Jaffar Sadiq's elder son Imam Ismail.

: (983 H.1st Ramadan)

Kakasahib came to this world in the holy month of Ramadan sharif, the night between 30th Shaaban muazam and 1st Ramadan Sharif,before the dawn , in the Hijra year of 983H.
It was the era of Mughal Empror Akbar on sub-continent, and the tribal areas and N.W.F.P was under his step-brother Mirza Hakeem Wali-e-Kabul's management.

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